Bunnyman’s Artwork goes on display in Penny Lane

The guitarist of an iconic Liverpool band has launched a collection of his artwork.

Will Sergeant, of post-punk stalwarts Echo and the Bunnymen, opened the exhibition at a new gallery in Penny Lane last Thursday.

The Penny Lane Gallery will display Sergeant’s abstract works as well as a special collection called ‘Postcards From Cairo’ which were created around old photos of his father taken during the Second World War.

Will explains the significance of this: “I was born in 1958, so when I was growing up, people were still talking about the war. It had only finished 12 years ago, so it was still on people’s minds.”

He goes on to cite a number of post-war American artists as his influences. Gene Davis, Franz Kline and Barnett Newman were all abstract-expressionist painters who were at the peak of their careers during this time.

He says he has already sold a few paintings, but admits it was hard to see them go. At the launch night, most people seem drawn to a piece called ‘Miracles Are Possible’, which depicts a grainy image of Chairman Mao on what appears to be a striped football shirt.

But there is no suggestion of deliberate sedition in his work and Will is not keen to discuss whatever underlying meaning exists in his paintings:

Art admirers with Will Sergeant (far right)

“I don’t like to explain my artwork too much. As with music, it’s important to retain an element of mystery!”

Owner Christine Colvin is enthusiastic about the gallery’s unique appeal in championing the natural creative progression of musicians to the canvas medium, saying:

“We want to start attracting musicians who have an artistic side!”

Will Sergeant is the only constant member of Echo and the Bunnymen and has played with them for over 30 years. During this time, he has maintained a healthy involvement in various art projects and in 2002 was a Visiting Fellow at Liverpool John Moores University School of Art and Design.

The exhibition is at Penny Lane Gallery, 38 Penny Lane, L18 and runs from Friday 25th November 2011 – Wednesday 29th February 2012.


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