Ecuadorian Bullshit

We all tell a little white lie from time to time, don’t we? Well here are some of my favourite porkies from our Ecuadorian friends:

Direct bus = stops at 7 towns, 2 gas stations and a roadside snack bar (but does go in one direction)

30 minutes to Tena = 2 hours to Tena

Sorry sir, we don’t change travellers’ cheques here = what’s in it for me, gringo?

White coffee = a cup of tepid milk, followed five minutes later by a jar of instant and sugar if you ask nicely

Car horn = any number of things:

  • Taxi, sir?
  • I’m approaching an intersection, and since I honked first, I have right of way
  • I’m about to overtake you at 60mph in the wrong lane
  • I’ve been tailgating you for 7 seconds and you haven’t reacted
  • (To pedestrian) I have elected to run this red light. Do not attempt to cross, for you will die violently.
  • I haven’t honked for a while

2 Responses to “Ecuadorian Bullshit”

  1. 1 paul groba
    June 9, 2009 at 8:30 am

    fucking hilarious mate

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